Our In-Training Support Services

In-Training Support services aims to provide tailored support to individuals assessed by AASN NT (Network Provider) during Gateway services, sign-up or post-sign-up as being at risk of non-completion. This service also assists employers who may be having difficulties with the apprenticeship relationship, which may result in noncompletion.

In-Training Support services may be short-term or ongoing and can be delivered at any stage from sign-up to completion. In-Training Support services may include, but are not limited to: 

  • Pastoral care – support with personal needs and problems
  • Mediation – a structured process in which the AASN NT assists the employer and apprentice to negotiate an agreement to resolve their dispute
  • Mentoring – provide suggestions and guidance in relation to career planning, transitions, making decisions and facilitating problem solving. A mentor can be a role model, coach, counsellor or trusted resource
  • Industry mentoring – expert with knowledge of a particular industry assists an apprentice with particular career and skills development concerns related to the industry
  • Counselling – professional assistance and guidance in resolving personal or psychological problems
  • Career guidance – assist apprentices to make educational, training and occupational choices and to manage their career
  • Referral – directing apprentices to specialist services for further advice or action. For example, drug and alcohol support services, Fair Work Ombudsman or State and Territory Training Authorities.

In-Training Support is a tailored service. AASN NT will identify the issues that may arise for apprentices and employers as basic or complex. In-Training Support services will be available for those issues identified as complex.  

If you require more information or need In-Training Support Services, please contact your Field Solutions Officer or our Field Services team on (08) 8935 8200 or email aasnservices@gtntgroup.com.au