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As we mark our 35th year of dedicated service to the Northern Territory, GTNT Group takes great pride in the impact we’ve had to thousands of apprentices, trainees and employers across the Territory.
Our goal is to connect job seekers with opportunities for skill development while aiding employers in finding skilled workforce solutions. We offer comprehensive support services, including recruitment, training, and ongoing guidance throughout their studies and employment.

​Employing an apprentice/trainee through GTNT Group will enable you as the Host Business, to get quality employees. It also gives the apprentice/trainee you take on access to our support services, setting them up to successfully complete their apprenticeship/traineeship.

As a workforce solutions partner we take care of the ‘nitty-gritty’ part of recruiting and employing staff, saving you time and valuable resources. Let’s face it, you’ve got more important things to do... like run your business!

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Services we provide where

GTNT Group is the legal employer:


Apprentice Employment Program

GTNT Group legally employs the apprentice/trainee and places them into a business. The Host Business does not have the responsibility of employing and managing apprentice/trainee through to the end of the training contract. That’s our job. 

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Labour Hire

A tailored labour hire service to assist you in securing skilled personnel for your workplace. GTNT Group legally employs the personnel and host them to your business.

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Apprentice Rotation Program

NT businesses can engage a GTNT Group Apprentice through a rotation placement to ensure they gain exposure to all facets of their qualification.

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School Based Apprenticeships

Australian school students to undertake part-time work and gain valuable hands-on experience, whilst still at school. SBA’s often progress to ongoing full time employment with their host business.

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Your business is the legal employer:

Apprentice Management Program

You remain the legal employer of the apprentice or trainee. This is the ideal solution for a business who wants to employ an apprentice/trainee directly, and want access to extra support and assistance along the way. 

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Fee for Service Recruitment

GTNT Group will assist your business in filling your vacancies requiring skilled and unskilled personnel.

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Good Shepherd Lutheran College is very proud of the business relationship that has been built with Group Training NT (GTNT). Our strong working relationship has paved the way for growing industry relationships and has helped make the seamless connection between industry and our high school students. GTNT have always provided great mentoring, training, and support of our students through VET learning and recruitment. Together we are helping to build a bigger and brighter future for the young people of the Northern Territory.

Julia Petersen, Good shepherd Lutheran College

GTNT ensures that every aspect of a School Based Apprenticeship / Traineeship is highly supported. GTNT assists students with 'big problems', such as access to training materials, to 'little problems', such as learning how to get to work on time, every day. Our local GTNT representative is respected and well-liked by all of our school based apprentices and the they look forward to their regular chats / support sessions. Simply by offering something as small as a 'lift to work' or a 'chat over coffee', he has built the foundations of a strong working relationship with our young people. He 'genuinely wants them to succeed'. The students can sense this and as a result, is a valued support person for them

Abbey McKenna, Tennant Creek High School

My son has stayed in his apprenticeship for the 5 years with GTNT, and has been nominated for awards and just grown into such a confident young man. I never hesitate to tell people about the great work from GTNT, and how they really do care for their workers (Apprentices). Any Parent out there, I say you can have full confidence in the staff at GTNT, that your child is being looked after in the workplace. Again another big Thank You to the Employment Specialist for all their great work and help to get my son where he is today.

Karen Hurnoth, Parent

We have had the pleasure of working with GTNT through the Prelude to the Future Program. The people who are involved in this program are passionate, dedicated and very professional. GTNT ensure Apprentices are on track with their training both on and off the job, they work through any performance issues that arise and even provide training to supervisors where required. Having an Employment Specialist available to call allows myself and my managers to concentrate on running our business with the knowledge that our Apprentices have adequate support and are able to contact GTNT if they need anything. I look forward to a long, prosperous working relationship with GTNT for years to come and would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone else.

Joce Dunning, Managing Director, Nighthawk Transport

As a Site Foreman I find it can be difficult finding time to manage an apprentice. With GTNT all the time consuming work is taken care of, they provide a very efficient service and are always available to help if required. We look forward to working with GTNT into the future

Dave Ewart, Site Foreman, Asbuild NT

Having been both a GTNT apprentice and now a major employer of GTNT apprentices, I am a strong believer in the service they provide. The support we receive from our  GTNT Employment Specialist allows us to focus on our core business knowing she is looking out for both us and our apprentices at all times. Keeping them on track with their studies and work commitments but also offering additional support where needed. I would happily recommend GTNT to anyone looking to be or wanting to take on an apprentice.

Doug Blockey, Services Manager, Bridge Toyota

Dealing with the team at GTNT is always such a professional, easy and enjoyable experience. Nothing is ever too much of a hassle and the staff are always on hand to provide sound and knowledgeable advice. Their Employment Specialists are the most friendly and informative people in the industry - and we couldn't imagine anyone else assisting us with our apprentices.

Claire Ryan, Marketing & Administration, Asbuild NT

Differences between GTNT Group and the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN)

GTNT is a qualified Group Training Organisation (GTO) and is a corporation established predominately to provide training and employment opportunities where all involved parties benefit.

What GTNT does   What AASN does
GTNT are the legal employer and take on all legal responsibility   AASN are a regularity service on behalf of the Northern Territory Government and Australian Government
GTNT provides extensive and tailored recruitment, mentoring and monitoring services   AASN provides Gateway and In-Training Services, which is not at the same level of services as a GTO
GTNT provide monthly visits and additional visits if required   AASN conducts visits every 12 months
GTNT manage the Training Contract and Employment Contract   AASN provides information and guidance to clients
GTNT are legally responsible for and manages all IR and HR matters   AASN provides mediator or referral services for all IR and HR matters
GTNT are legally responsible for the employer obligation under the Training Contract   AASN registers and monitors the Training Contract obligations
GTNT can provide rotational services for Apprentices to ensure the relevant experience is gained to meet the level of competency required   AASN does not offer rotational services
GTNT allow Host Businesses to hand back apprentices, should they no longer require them (e.g. business closure, business experiencing slow period, financially not viable or apprentice not meeting expectations)   AASN does not offer hand back services

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Frequently Asked Questions


Does that mean I can choose to have an apprentice or trainee for only as long as I need them?

Yes. GTNT offers the flexibility that direct employment can’t. If your business requirements change and you find the apprentice or trainee is no longer needed then with GTNT you can make changes.

If I use GTNT do I still receive the government incentive payments for taking on an apprentice or trainee?

Yes, you still receive the benefit of Australian Government incentive payments. GTNT claim any incentive payments on your behalf and offset them against your account.

Can I choose the apprentice or trainee? Will they be a good fit for my business?

Yes. GTNT understands how important it is to get the right fit between the apprentice or trainee and your business. We will consult with you extensively and our proven recruitment experience will lead to increased job stability and higher levels of performance.

Who monitors the apprentice or trainee’s training progress?

GTNT’s expert Employment Specialists, specifically assigned to your business work with apprentices and trainees to monitor their learning progress. They ensure your apprentice or trainee is on track to complete their qualification and is developing the skills needed to be successful in the workplace by regularly liaising with the Registered Training Organisation.


Who is involved in an Apprenticeship/Traineeship?

Partner Organisation or Employer

GTNT as the employer of your apprentices and trainees will facilitate recruitment, selection, provide management and mentoring support of training to ensure retention, facilitate payroll, and monitor workplace health and safety.

GTNT are flexible in providing your organisation with as much input in the apprentice management as desired. Alternatively, if you wish to legally employ your apprentices and trainees, you can do so and GTNT can assist with our management service.


An apprentice/trainee could be entering the workforce for the very first time, wanting to work in a particular the industry. Or perhaps you have an existing worker who wants to undertake an apprenticeship or traineeship.


If the apprentice or trainee is under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must sign the National Training Contract as this is a legally binding document that outlines the agreed length of training and the type of apprenticeship or traineeship being undertaken.

Registered Training Organisation (RTO)

This is the organisation that will deliver the training, conduct assessments and issue the nationally recognised qualification upon completion of the apprenticeship/traineeship. Training may take place on the job or away from the workplace.

Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) Providers

The Australian Apprenticeship Support Network Provider - Australian Apprenticeships NT (AANNT) are contracted by the Australian Government to provide information, support and assistance to employers, apprentices and trainees to assist them with the sign-up and administration of their National Training Contract.

They are also able to provide targeted services to identified individuals and employers to help them successfully complete their apprenticeship or traineeship arrangements. AANNT are the body responsible for registering the National Training Contract. Any changes to the National Training Contract must be approved by the Northern Territory Government.


We're here to help if you have enquiries. 

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The Host Business's obligations under a training contract include that you agree and will:

  • Employ and train the apprentice/trainee as agreed in our Training Plan and ensure the apprentice/trainee understands the choices that he/she has regarding the training 
  • Provide the appropriate facilities and experienced people to facilitate the training and supervise the apprentice/trainee while at work, in accordance with the Training Plan
  • Make sure the apprentice/trainee receives on-the-job training and assessment in accordance with our Training Plan 
  • Provide work that is relevant and appropriate to the vocation and also to the achievement of the qualification referred to in this Contract 
  • Release the apprentice/trainee from work and pay the appropriate wages to attend any training and assessment specified in our Training Plan 
  • Meet all legal requirements regarding the apprentice/trainee, including but not limited to, occupational health and safety requirements and payment of wages and conditions under the relevant employment arrangements
  • Repay any payment you receive that you are not entitled to  
  • Work with our RTO and the apprentice/trainee to make sure we follow our Training Plan, keep training records up-to-date, and monitor and support the apprentice/trainee's progress; and 
  • Let the relevant State/Territory Training Authority and the RTO know within five working days (or when the local State/Territory legislation requires, if this is different) if our Training Contract has become jeopardised. 

Please note that GTNT do not retain any government incentives available, we ensure that any incentives available are claimed and are passed back to our host business partners.