5:00 PM, 19 Feb 2020

One of the key advantages of undertaking an apprenticeship or traineeship is that you can earn while you learn. We recommend that you carry out some research to get further information about wages and entitlements.  You could be entitled to financial support during your apprenticeship, and this could help you on your career path. Information regarding the financial support options available can be found using the link below:

Information on different types of financial support that you may be eligible for  

There is a great summary of the job hunting process provided on the AAP webpage.

Wages, entitlements and awards

The Fair Work Ombudsman can be consulted with any queries regarding Australian Apprenticeship wages and awards. They work closely together with companies,  employees and local communities to promote learning. They also strive to ensure that companies follow Australia's workplace laws.

Wages for apprentices and trainees are likely to be less than those for other employees. However, this changes are based on the occupation and the industry. Factors that can affect the pay rates include age, educational background and prior work experience. Moreover, all trainees and apprentices have the right to basic employee entitlements including overtime pay, sick leave and superannuation. This will be clearly stated in their award.

Other information that may be contained in the award includes the name of the party responsible for paying the training fees of the apprentice and any travel, accommodation or uniform allowances that may be available to them.

More information about wages can be found by contacting the Fair Work Ombudsman (13 13 94).

To find out the information that you will need to provide to the Fair Work Infoline, visit the Before You Call page.  Furthermore, you can use the Pay and Conditions Tool (PACT) to find out information about wages and entitlements, which will save you a lot of time.

Allowances and support

Several different financial support options are available to apprentices and trainees to assist them with their training. Apprenticeship Network Providers will evaluate each case independently and decide whether to award Trade Support Loans and Living Away From Home Allowances. Also,  you may be entitled to some of the fortnightly allowances and concessions provided by Centrelink. 

Visit the Centerlink Payment and Service Finder for further information regarding the relevant Centrelink application criteria. The process of applying for Centerlink financial support can take a while. It is therefore recommended that you fill out all paperwork properly and supply any requested supporting documents during the initial application since this can speed up the process. The financial support aids provided can be very beneficial throughout your apprenticeship or traineeship placement.