11:59 AM, 26 Jun 2019

26th June 2019

Announcing a collaboration and new initiatives to increase the skill level of Indonesian people.

GTNT Chief Executive Officer and Australian Skills Institute (ASI) Chairman, Kathryn Stenson today announced an intention to collaborate in initiatives between the Educational Development Institute of West Nusa Tenggara Republic of Indonesia and Top End Group Training Pty Ltd, trading as GTNT and ASI. The event was held on the lawns at Parliament House, Darwin.

Kathryn Stenson with Governor of Nusa Tenggara Barat, Dr. Zulkiefilmanasyah both signed the letter of intent to support the development of a reciprocal skills exchange through the sharing and collaboration of skills, knowledge and resources between all parties.

GTNT and ASI will collaborate with the Governors Scholarship team and International Language School to provide West Nusa Tenggara students with Australian standard training initially but not limited to tourism and hospitality industry requirements, to increase the level and skill of the people.

GTNT and ASI will be providing in-country training to the Australian standards to increase local people’s knowledge and skill to allow the province to meet the expectations of their growing number of international guests.

Governor Dr. Zulkiefilmanasyah and CEO and Chairman Kathryn Stenson signed the letter of intent at an intimate event with guest including the Governor’s wife, Mrs Niken Saptarini, Consul of Economic Affairs, Mrs Ryan Andriani, Former Chief Minister Terry Mills, local Member for Sanderson, Kate Worden, Director of Study Northern Territory, Rachael Shanahan GAICD, Sibylle Brautigam, Deputy CEO of the Department of Trade, Business and Innovation, Executive Director, Department of Trade, Business and Innovation - Workforce NT, Catherine White along with Luke
Gosling OAM MP representative, Shannon Hee, and representatives from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Drew Boekel and Syed Haider.

“Government can commit to supporting initiatives, but it is often the hardworking groups on the ground that deliver. The capacity of GTNT to do this into Asia is proven and this is another story of an NT based group stepping out and working confidently in the international space.” Says Kate Worden MLA, Member for Sanderson.

Kathryn Stenson says, “I am honoured to be signing this letter of intent on behalf of our organisation to collaborate with the Educational Development Institute of West Nusa Tenggara Republic of Indonesia and to provide training to skill their people to the Australian standard.”

Top End Group Training Pty Ltd, trading as GTNT commenced operation in 1989 and is the Northern Territory’s largest employer of apprentices and trainees. ASI is a wholly owned subsidiary of Top End Group Training Pty Ltd who partner with education providers who align with our organisations values to provide Australian qualifications. ASI is “Your Passport to a Global Career”.


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