Employing an Apprentice or Trainee

By using our Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) services you can take advantage of a range of complimentary recruitment services, staff support services and access to government financial incentives at no cost to your business. These services are offered free of charge as part of the Australian Government and Northern Territory Government's commitment to developing a highly skilled workforce through the Australian Apprenticeships program. It may sound complicated - that's where we come in! Our team can help you navigate the entire process through a range of services and supports.  

We can assist you with:

  •     recruiting a full-time, part-time or school-based apprentice or trainee 
  •     signing-up and registering an existing apprentice or trainee
  •     assist you with accessing government financial incentives 
  •     provide support services for your apprentice or trainee 
  •     help you arrange a training contract, training plan off-the-job-training
  •     provide advice and support you during the apprenticeship

For a comprehensive break-down of what our AASN services can provide employers, please explore the sections below.

Download the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network National Code of Good Practice for Australian Apprenticeship here.

If you have any questions regarding wages and conditions, please contact the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network Industrial Relations on 1300 302 675 or aasn@mbant.com.au


Access Financial Incentives & Assistance

The Australian Government and Northern Territory Government provide access to a variety of financial incentives for local businesses who take on an apprentice or trainee through the Australian Apprenticeships Incentive Program. You can see what current financial assistance is currently available by visiting our Incentive section. 

Should you choose to take on an apprentice or trainee, a member of our friendly AASN team will then talk you through which financial incentives your business can access, how to meet the eligibility requirements and will assist with your application. There are further funding opportunities for employers outside of those accessible through the Australian Apprenticeships Incentive Program. A member of our team can give you up-to-date advice to make sure you don't miss out on additional support when training your employees.  


Using a Group Training Organisation (GTO)

Group Training Organisations (GTO) are organisations that employ apprentices and trainees under an apprenticeship or traineeship training contract and then are able to place them with a host business. The GTO manages all areas of employing an apprentice or trainee, including the recruitment process, paying wages and entitlements, administrative duties, training delivery and following their skill development.

Many local employers are not able to dedicate resources to managing an apprentice, and using a GTO allows them to take advantage of the Australian Apprenticeship program while not having to allocate resources and time. GTOs can be found operating in most sectors of the NT economy, including mining, automotive and electrical industries to business and community services. 


To find a GTO near you, please visit the Group Training Directory.


Take the Hassle out of Recruitment

Our AASN team make is as easy as possible for businesses to recruit a new apprentice or trainee. Our staff have a wealth of experience across the whole process and are able to assist with establishing your vacancy requirements, advertising the position, screening candidates and providing you with a short-list of the most eligible and job-ready applicants for your to choose from. 

Once you have selected your new apprentice we are able to provide further support by completing the sign-up process, lodgement of the training contract, claim forms and provide regular support services to your new employee to make sure they perform well and understanding your work expectations. 

Alternatively, if you already have an apprentice in mind then we can take you through the necessary sign-up steps, registrations and paper work to get them registered as an apprentice or trainee.  


Managing your Apprentice

We know that sometimes an apprentice or trainee may experience life events or have behaviours that have a negative impact on their ability to meet your work standard expectations. Whether this is bringing personal issues into the workplace, taking too many personal days or not paying attention to important procedures, we know that these situations can have a negative impact on your business and can help deal with them. 

If you find yourself in a situation where your apprentice is proving to be quite challenging, then our In-Training services are able to really help. An assigned Field Services Officer from our AASN team will assist both yourself and your apprentice with a variety of strategies to improve communication, keep your apprentice on the job and performing well. 


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