School Based Apprenticeship

Gain industry related experience

A School Based Apprenticeship (SBA) allows Australian school students to undertake part-time work and gain valuable hands-on experience, whilst still at school. SBA’s can undertake a traditional trade, or obtain a Certificate, Diploma or Advanced Diploma often leading to ongoing full time employment with the Host Business. 

SBA’s will complete their industry experience within school hours, once the Individual’s timetable has been negotiated. Additional to school work, SBA’s will also need to complete compulsory training with their nominated Registered Training Provider (RTO) to obtain their qualification. Training may be on the job (workplace based) or off the job (needing to attend the RTO’s campus to undergo assessments).   

Benefits of hosting a School Based Apprentice

When hosting a SBA, as a business Owner/Manager you are provided with assistance in the day to day running of your business, at minimum cost. SBA’s are usually in their first job upon commencement, so have no unreal expectations and only basic knowledge of the role and industry. This limited knowledge allows you to train and mould new talent, developing their skills to suit the needs of your business.

As they ‘earn while they learn’, SBA’s will understand that the employer is investing in them and, when partnered 
with the right Host Business, are enthusiastic, motivated and keen to learn, as they work towards obtaining their qualification.

By taking on a School Based Apprentice, you will receive:

  • Assistance in the daily running of your business
  • Government incentives enabling you to train staff at a minimum cost to your business (determined upon registration of the training contract by the Department of Business)
  • Commitment and loyalty from an SBA who is looking for an opportunity to gain entry into their preferred career
  • Time to take care of the more important things in your business

Responsibilities as a Host Business

When partnered with GTNT Group, we become the legal employer of the Apprentice or Trainee, allowing you to focus on the daily running of your business.
As a Host Business, your responsibilities are to:

  • Provide the facilities, relevant training and expertise to meet the requirements of the qualification
  • Provide a safe and healthy workplace, ensuring that the Apprentice or Trainee remains supervised at all times
  • Paying appropriate wages as per the relevant award and any other associated costs

How can GTNT Group help your business?

After meeting with you, we will tailor an Employment Program to suit your business needs and requirements. We screen, test and recruit an Apprentice, ensuring they are the best fit to your current team and work environment, along with taking care of all administration and paperwork.

You will be assigned a dedicated Employment Specialist, whom will conduct monthly mentoring and management with the School Based Apprentice, so that you can get on with the day-to-day running of your business. Our services offer the flexibility that direct employment can’t. 

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