12:28 PM, 13 Sep 2023

Qualification: Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance
Host Business: NT Health - Katherine Hospital
RTO: Charles Darwin University

"This traineeship has impacted my outlook on the Health Care Industry. I have gained great knowledge and experience of the day-to-day processes in the hospital."

Undertaking a School-Based Traineeship (SBAT) was a fundamental first step for Lilly Bright, as it gave her valuable insight and practical experience within the healthcare industry.

Working at Katherine Hospital, Lilly gained first-hand experience about the hospital’s day-to-day operations and seen how clinicians work together to provide quality care.

As the winner of the School-Based Apprentice/Trainee of the Year at the recent NT Training Awards, Lilly will be representing the Northern Territory at the Australian Training Awards in November.

What impact did your studies/work have on your life?

I chose this course because I have always had a large interest in the health care field.

Completing this school-based traineeship was very important to me as it would open a path to study at university to achieve my dream of becoming an Obstetrician.

The Traineeship has impacted my outlook on the Heath care industry. I have gained great knowledge and experience of day-to-day processes in the hospital and how clinicians work collaboratively together in the workplace.

I have been able to apply my newly learnt skills from the workplace to my job each day. Working in the Katherine hospital I was exposed to the community daily and had the opportunity to assist with improving their health.

Mid-way through my training l was notified by an Ear Specialist that I had permanent impairment in one ear. This required me to wear a hearing aid Full-time. This created difficulties to my learning, and I was required to make adjustments to ensure my training was not affected. This was made possible, and I successfully completed my studies.