12:53 PM, 20 Sep 2023

Qualification: Certificate III in Laboratory Skills
Host Business: Menzies Health and Research
RTO: ABC Training

"This course has impacted me in many ways, doing my traineeship has changed my view on the workforce. Before going into the workforce, I was scared, I thought it was tiring and highly demanding. I wasn’t sure how I would cope. Now that I have a feel for it, I have changed my view. I love that I am always growing myself and meeting new people."

Porsche Cahill was curious about the role of scientists in the healthcare industry, which led her to pursue further education after completing her Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance.

She decided to pursue a Certificate III in Laboratory Skills. Her traineeship experience changed her perspective on healthcare and gave her valuable opportunities network with other healthcare professionals.

As the winner of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year at the recent NT Training Awards, Porsche will be representing the Northern Territory at the Australian Training Awards in November.

What impact did your studies/work have on your life?

During my traineeship, I have had experiences that I wouldn’t get from another workplace. I have had the opportunity to travel with the HealthLAB team to remote Northern Territory communities and see the customs in different places. I have met amazing new people and have networked with doctors, researchers, and many people within the health workforce.

I have been able to get a real feel for the health industry and that it is something I want to be a part of. That is why I always try to bring a positive attitude to Menzies and try my best to create a comfortable space for everyone. I try my hardest to think of how people are feeling to make sure I am considerate of them. I know how scary it can be going into an unknown place and I want to help new students and employees feel comfortable.

While working apart of the Ramaciotti Regional and Remote Health Sciences Training Centre I have been a part of a team of amazing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth! Through this I have developed important relationships with people that encourage, support, and learn from each other.